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15 Workplace Accommodations for Depression and Anxiety Relief

Mental health is a big conversation nowadays. Nowadays, more people are running themselves ragged, entering burnout, and struggling with higher levels of depression and anxiety than ever before. It’s important for businesses to place emphasis on employee mental health and help those suffering from these symptoms. There are plenty of workplace accommodations that can be […]

December 21, 2019

6 Different Types of General Contractors

If you’re looking for a contractor, you need to be clear what you want them to do, and then get one that does precisely that. Contractors come in different shapes and forms. Some are specialists in particular fields, while others are self-avowed jack-of-all-trade types. Others are keen on art as opposed to practicality or function. […]

December 21, 2019

5 Best Office Desk Supplies to Improve Organization

The desk is the most important part of your home and corporate office, as it helps facilitate all of the key business functions. At your desk is where you take calls, make notes, review documents, check emails and sit down to talk to others. Due to all of those functions, the desk is the central […]

November 21, 2019

7 Common Forms of Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment in the workplace is not straightforward. Indeed, it doesn’t only take the forms that we are most familiar with, which is verbal and physical. Workplace harassment can be subtle, long-term, or come in waves. It can also happen in front of others, or when no one is around.

November 20, 2019

4 Ways That a Good Supply Chain Optimization Program Can Help a Business

When it comes to making sure that a business is running well, there are many different things that a person needs to pay attention to. From managing the finances to making sure that all of the employees are clear on what they are doing, it can quickly become overwhelming when a person tries to manage […]

November 19, 2019

8 Different Types of Business Licenses

To do business anywhere in the world, you need a business license. The type of license you will require depends on the nature of your business and where you are operating from. In some cases, you will need multiple licenses and permit from different levels of government to be allowed to transact business. The first […]

October 17, 2019