A Simple Guide to Flex Storage Solutions

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Flexography printing has undoubtedly revolutionized the printing industry. This is a type of analogue or digital relief printing process that uses flexible relief plates. The plates are made of soft plastic, UV sensitive polymer or rubber onto which the raised or relief image of the desired design is embossed. With this technology, it is now possible to print on plastic, cellophane, metallic planes and even papers of all kind. However, you should note that for you to reap from the technology’s efficiency and maximum functionality you need to invest in the best flex storage solutions such as a flexcart and flexstand.

Efficient Storage

The flex plates and sleeves should be safely stored to minimize the risks of damages. The traditional stacking method is no longer applicable in the preservation of the flex plates and sleeves since their weight could result into wear and tear and this will in turn reduce their lifespan. This is where flexcarts and flexstands come in handy.

Flexracks stores the flex sleeves and plates both horizontally and vertically. Horizontal storage helps to preserve their roundness, which can be lost because of overtime gravity. The racks enable the proper use of the available space, with the distance at the center of sleeves adjusted to maximize storage. The steel racks are coated with powder to reduce wearing out and also make their cleaning easy. Besides, the rack compartments can be labeled and the process automated, making easy for one to access specific sleeves. The flexracks are either mobile or immobile.

The flexcart is used for cleaning the sleeves and plates. They have a sink, which holds the plate and allows its flexible motion ensuring that there is no spot that is left with ink and that the dirty water is drained after cleaning. Unlike flexstands, the flexcarts do not have stakes. They are rather spacious and since their airshaft storage is not fixed, the plates and sleeves can be moved to any preferable location.

Benefits for Your Business

The investment in a proper flex storage solution will invariably improve your business prospects in terms of efficiency and productivity. Such a solution simplifies the movements, cleaning and storage of the flexo sleeves and plates, resulting into voluminous high quality printouts. In this way, your customers will always get value for their money and be obliged to return for more services.

Bottom Line

In sum, flexo printing is a revolutionary printing option with tremendous business prospects, as it is economical and highly versatile. However, this technology needs a suitable storage solution to ensure its effectiveness and efficiency. Whereas there are many brands from which you can pick the storage solutions, it is always important that you settle on the particular one that will suit your needs. For more information, visit Flex Essentials.

February 8, 2017