When is the Best Time to Start Dance Classes

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Many mothers choose to enroll their two and three year old children in ballet classes to help them get an early start in dance. However, the best time a child should start taking ballet is between the ages of four and eight when their attention span is a bit longer, but that doesn’t mean that anyone older should not enroll in taking ballet classes. There is no specific time to take ballet classes, but if the child is interested in a professional dance career, then earlier is better.

A two or three year old child has a short attention span, so technique and different ballet moves are not taught at this age. Children who enroll in these classes learn movement to different kinds of dances and just have fun with basic moves. These classes are great for kids who want to explore their talents and enjoy themselves. Dance classes for children between the ages of four and eight involve a little more emphasis on different types of dance and may introduce some different ballet moves to students.

It is recommended that formal ballet training not be introduced until the child is at least eight years old because their bones are still soft, which means that their bodies may not be ready to take on the physical demands that come with ballet. So, if a child is eight, nine or ten years old, then it is not too late for them to enroll in ballet classes because this is the optimal time for them to do so. In these classes, students will learn posture, grace and technique; they will also gain self-confidence and learn to be creative.

Some people believe that if you start a child out too early, then they will lose interest and not want to continue taking dance classes. That is why the ages of eight to ten are great years to start ballet classes because this age is an age that listens, learns and takes criticism well. Their attention span is longer and their interest is greater. Early exposure to dance can be positive though and help to peak the child’s interest in pursuing dance later in life.

Enrolling a child in dance classes, no matter what their age is, will teach the student control and give them confidence. Many dance studios hold shows that involve the students, and this gives dancers a chance to showcase their talents in front of an audience, which will give them confidence in anything they choose to do. This form of dance is also a great way to get children to exercise and participate in something that interests them. Even if a child is over ten years of age, it is not too late to enroll them in ballet classes because dance is for people of all ages.

June 10, 2014