10 Characteristics of a Good Mascot

No one comes to watch any sport for the sole reason of seeing the mascot. In fact, when the tickets are bought, there is probably very little if any thought given to the fact that you will be able to see the mascot in action. After all, you came to watch the game, not a guy in a costume.

However, this doesn’t mean that the mascot will not get their moment in the sun. The mascot is an essential part of the game day experience if they didn’t show up, then you would notice something was missing.

So, how do you make sure that your custom mascot captures the attention of the crowd during breaks in play? Read on to learn about the essential qualities that a mascot must have.

1. Attention-grabbing

Every mascot that wants to be a success will need to grab the attention of the fans and be easy to spot from even the most distant seats. Bright colours and larger than life accessories are a great way to do this.

2. Likeable

You need your mascot to be not just likeable, but lovable. That is why so many mascots look like giant teddy bears. What could be better than having a cute giant teddy bear to cheer on the team. Not to mention that this creates some really great merchandising opportunities for the younger fans.

3. Confidence

You want the mascot to be able to be a big presence on the field, this means that they are not intimidated by the opposition players or being in the spotlight. If there is a flicker of weakness then you can be sure that the audience will pick up on it in a second.

4. Colourful

If your mascot is going to be performing outdoors in all sorts of weather conditions then you need to make sure that a bit of dirt, rain or snow can’t hide the mascot’s bright colours. There is no such thing as a mascot that is too brightly coloured.

5. A tangible personality

Is your mascot cheeky, funny, flamboyant, or energetic? You need a mascot that exhibits some sort of obvious personality. Not only when you look at them and see the expression on the mascots face, but also how the performer acts. The two need to be aligned so that the actions of the mascot match its appearance.

6. Fun

Your mascot should always be fun. There should never be a dull moment around the mascot and there should never be any downtime where the mascot is not doing something engaging.

7. Larger than life

As the crowd may be sat very far away from the mascot you need to make sure that it is as large as possible. Their personality will have to match their size.

8. Props go a long way

Adding a few little additions to your mascot costume will make them into something really special. Pom poms or the team’s jersey will turn an everyday costume into a real mascot for that will get the crowd cheering.

9. Some attitude

The mascot should have a little bit of an edge so that the opposing team and fans have something to enjoy themselves. This should only ever be done in jest and when it hits the mark it can be the perfect memory for fans young and old.

10. Make the mascot reflect the crowd

When it comes to choosing your mascot, you want to make sure that the animal you choose makes sense. For example, you wouldn’t have a shark for a mascot in a town or city that is landlocked.

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