10 Safest Vape Juice Brands – Healthiest Vape Juice List

For vaping enthusiasts, as they explore different vape juices and e-liquids, safety may be a concern. Hundreds of brands exist. Thousands of vape juices are on the market. Some are presumably better than others, and you want to avoid those that fall on the low part of the scale safety-wise. Vaping takes a product directly into the lungs. Safety is so paramount. 

If you aren’t sure how safe a vape juice is, here are a few best practices:

  • Nicotine content matters for any vaper. Ensure you’re getting the strength you want.
  • VG/PG content may matter to some as propylene glycol is synthetic, whereas vegetable glycerin is all-natural.
  • Diacetyl is a harmful chemical additive in many low-quality vape juice brands. Diacetyl is toxic and can have many health effects when consumed over long-term periods. Always opt for diacetyl-free vape juice.
  • Acetyl propionyl and acetoin are less harmful than diacetyl but in the same category as diketones. While these present less threat than diacetyl, if there is diacetyl in the product, these ingredients can amplify the damage that diacetyl does.

Here are the ten safest vape juice brands that you can rely upon:

1. VaporFi

VaporFi is an American-made vape juice brand. They pride themselves on being USA-first, prioritizing all-natural, local products made using kosher-grade diacetyl-free ingredients. 

VaporFi has over 20 finely crafted vape flavours; the company even allows customers to make their own. VaporFi is a very safe, quality-done vape juice source. 

2. Yogi

Yogi offers lab-tested vape juice, all diacetyl-free, with distinctive flavours, including granola, oats, and honey. They’re a safe vape juice brand, maximizing VG content and reducing nicotine strength in many of their flavours. 

E-liquids are available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nicotine, and Yogi continues to be considered one of the safest vape juice brands in the country.

3. Cold Turkey Juice

Cold Turkey Juice is another safe vape juice brand. It is thoroughly tested by a trusted brand. All Cold Turkey Juice products are sold through their retail stores. Their vape juice Canada has been tested to confirm they’re safe for consumption. They have some very great-tasting, unique vape juice flavours, too.

4. Element Dripper

Element Dripper vape juices are fairly safe and high-quality. They max out their VG content at 80% and offer creative, acclaimed e-liquid flavours, including Melon Ball and Honey Roasted Tobacco. 

Element Dripper has some real knockout varieties, and the vape juice brand’s safety ratings are pretty high as well.

5. Black Note

Black Note is a premium vape juice brand known for its all-natural flavours made with real tobacco. Every flavour you get from Black Note is authentic and diacetyl-free. Some are menthol-flavoured, infused with peppermint oil extract. Those are some of Black Note’s best-sellers. 

All Black Note products come in a 50/50 VG/PG blend. They’re a very highly rated brand.

6. Teardrip Juice Co.

Teardrip Juice Co. is optimal if you’re looking for a safe vape juice brand that has some high-nicotine flavours attached to it. Nicotine strengths range from 0mg to 12mg at Teardrip Juice Co.

In addition, this nicotine brand has some delicious fruit-based dessert flavours, which is what they’re known for. See citrus, strawberry, and candy grape flavours, among others.

7. Kind Juice

Kind Juice is another excellent vape juice source. They use only natural extracts and organic ingredients. Safety for Kind Juice is a focal point. No artificial sweeteners or diacetyl are used.

They have some of the most unique vape juice flavours on the market. Categories include tobacco, floral, fruit nectar, and more. Every Kind Juice vape flavour is formulated using max VG.

8. Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady vapes have a unique corner of the market regarding flavours. They’re focused on offering English breakfast-inspired vape flavours, including tobacco, pastries, and beverages like zesty lemon, mango, berry, and apple. 

Dinner Lady vape flavours have a 70/30 VG/PG split and are one of the safest e-liquids in Canada today.

9. Naked 100

Naked 100 offers up one of the best tobacco flavour vape juice. Despite not being Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET), Naked 100 uses top-quality, premium ingredients. 

Everything from this brand is third-party tested and run through the paces in an independent lab. You don’t have to worry about toxins or artificial compounds clouding your juice.

10. Kai’s Virgin Vapor

Kai’s Virgin Vapor is one of the few high-quality organic vape juices where all the ingredients are natural and organically grown or extracted. 

Kai’s Virgin Vapour has fantastic flavours for those who want to go as organic as possible. It is a delicious addition to one’s vape juice collection. Everything is 100% organic, maxing out on vegetable glycerin.

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