4 Benefits of Buying from a Certified Dog Breeder

You decide to add a puppy to your family and begin to explore options such as adopting from a shelter or pet shop or checking your local listings. While many people take these routes and are more times than not satisfied with the decision that they made, there are many reasons to consider buying from a certified dog breeder.

Here are four popular benefits to buy from a certified dog breeder.

1. Meet the parents

While most people who sell dogs are truthful regarding lineage, sometimes people will be dishonest in efforts to make the sale. For example, advertising that the litter of puppies are purebred when in reality they are mixed.

Purchasing a puppy from a registered breeder will allow you to confirm that he/she is purebred. This is because any reputable breeder will have both parents on site. The puppy’s parents will tell you a lot about how he/she will turn out, including appearance, temperament, and health. Having the opportunity to meet the parents will allow you to determine whether the puppy you are considering is right for you.

2. Healthy

You want the puppy that you adopt to be healthy. Otherwise, problems will present themselves that will leave your little one ill and because he/she is so young any malady can be life-threatening.

To reduce the chances of your puppy being unhealthy you need to buy from a reputable breeder. This is largely because if you adopt from a shelter, buy from an unregistered breeder or unplanned litter, or from a pet shop, you have no idea what you are getting into.

Breeders typically confirm that both parents are in good health before breeding them, reducing the chances of any hereditary issues occurring. They also usually provide a guarantee of health where veterinary costs will be covered initially if any problems occur or if the dog dies, a replacement can be given.

3. Recommendations

When you purchase a puppy, it could be your first dog ever. Conversely, you could have had many dogs in the past, but this is your first of a particular breed. In either case, you may not be familiar with a veterinarian that can provide the best care.

Upon taking ownership of your puppy, a breeder can make recommendations regarding which veterinarian can provide the best care. This is crucial as the first year of your dog’s life he/she is more susceptible to illness and disease. Since reputable breeders are responsible for making sure every puppy in the litter gets their first shots, they will know who you can turn to for the best veterinary care possible.

4. Assistance

You look forward to bringing your puppy home and are confident in your ability to take care of him/her and train it to be on his/her best behaviour. However, sometimes the task of caring for a new puppy can be taxing and overwhelming, requiring some advice on how to proceed.

Most reputable certified dog breeders enjoy keeping in touch with the people that buy puppies from them because they genuinely care about how the dog is doing. These are people that you can reach out to for assistance when you are having issues. This is because they know the breed and what they need to be happy and healthy.

Breeders can make recommendations regarding training, environment, care, and food to ensure your puppy grows into a well-adjusted dog. When adopting from a reputable breeder, you know their full history and can rest assured that they have not been mistreated as this can result in behavioural issues later on. 

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