4 Reasons Why A Hotel Or Spa Should Use Hotel and Spa Management Software

Many hotel and spa owners tend to be of the opinion that a software that merely allows them to schedule appointments and bookings is more than enough for them to run their business. However, in order to effectively run any hotel or spa, it is imperative that their employees are equipped with much more in terms of technology. Advancements in software have brought to life hotel and spa software that does much more than simply booking appointments. Such software has an impact on absolutely all aspects of running a hotel or spa, and includes payment processing, appointment booking, scheduling, appointment cancellation, fund management, HR, payroll and customer relationship management.

By choosing the right software for their hotel or spa, managers can ensure that their clients get the best possible service and that their business runs in the smoothest way possible. A lot of repetitive and redundant work gets automated by using relevant software, and employees are able to save up on their precious time. Listed below are four benefits of using hotel and spa management software for your relevant business:

Online Appointments

While the longest standing practice in the hospitality industry has been for customers to manually call and ask for an appointment to be scheduled, this is bound to change completely in the near future. While almost all big names have shifted to completely online appointment booking, some small names still cater to on-the-phone alternatives. This is a practice that is bound to change, and hotel and spa management software is facilitating this change by making online appointment booking and scheduling possible for customers. Such software also allows managers to set limits and requirements for appointment scheduling such as limiting scheduling to a certain time frame and requiring full or partial advance.

Schedule Management

Just as customers can access scheduling online and remotely, employees in hotels and spas can also access their respective schedules and give in their availability to ensure that all scheduled appointments are adhered to and honored. This also allows employees to remotely access their schedule for the day and inform management about any unforeseen availability issues. In the absence of a hotel and spa management software, a manager or coordinator would have to check their employees’ availability and match that to their customer’s time preference which is undeniably a long process.

Customer Engagement

By using hotel and spa management software, managers can ensure that they work on their business engagement and communicate with their customers on a regular basis. This engagement can be handled through automated texts, emails, social media ad campaigns and sponsored posts. Managers can also run loyalty programs through such software and offer promotions accordingly to their clients. All of these activities would help in building the company’s brand, and make them a staple in their customers’ minds and in their lives. By sending such messages and contacting your current and prospective customers, you would make your customers feel special and hence instill a sense of belonging and loyalty in them.

Customer Data

Hotel and spa management software allows managers to store relevant customer data and allows them to analyze it accordingly. Managers can for instance store data such as which customer frequently opts for which service, and the system can send them a personalized and automated discount. For instance, if your system recognizes that a customer is due for mani-pedi at the end of this month, you can set up automated emails that can send out personalized discount codes to your clients to engage them and in order to motivate them to visit you for services.

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