4 Ways to Make Recycling Part of Your Office Culture

Many areas of the world have recycling programs that play a huge role in reducing energy and manufacturing processes that can harm the environment. While the act of recycling can be as easy as disposing materials in a bin separate from the garbage that ultimately ends up in a landfill site, people still make the conscious decision not to do so.

As a result, steps sometimes need to be taken to give every opportunity to recycle and make it as hassle-free as possible. Below are ways you as a business owner can make recycling easier for employees in your office.

1. Multiple locations

If you want the employees at your office to recycle more, you cannot just have one central location to collect materials. Otherwise, employees will choose to dispose of them in the garbage because the trash bins are usually numerous and therefore more accessible.

To encourage easier recycling processes, set up bins strategically around your office. That way, employees will notice them and either make use of them if they have materials to dispose of at that moment or take note of where they are for future use. If your company is large you should at least have one area with recycle bins in it per department, wing, or floor to make the process as easy as possible.

2. Signage

Recycling processes have been occurring for decades now. While overall it has been a successful endeavour, people are still confused regarding what materials can be recycled. When this happens people often choose to throw items in the garbage which is disappointing and harmful to the environment.

Your employees will probably recycle more if you inform them what materials are able to be reused. To do so, attach signs to your recycling bins indicating what recyclable items are being collected and what goes where. That way, employees will be educated on what they can recycle and when this happens, they usually make the right decision.

3. Large bins

Most people are turned off from disposing of their waste in recycling bins or trash cans when they are overflowing. Therefore, if someone approached the recycling bins in your office and they were stuffed full, they would probably end up throwing their items in the garbage.

The recycling bins in your office should be large enough to accommodate all of the materials you collect. While paper and cardboard do not take up a lot of space, if you collect a lot of it your bins should be big enough to accommodate it. Containers can take up a lot of space so if you tend to collect a lot of these, make sure bins are heavy-duty to hold them and the lids have openings that are wide enough so people can fit them in.

4. Convenient

As stated, having multiple recycling bins is key in encouraging employees to recycle and making it as easy for them as possible. However, the bins must also be in locations that are convenient as well.

To ensure employees have ample opportunity to recycle eligible materials, put your recycling bins in strategic positions where they are more likely to access them. For example, place them in the lunchroom where employees can recycle glass, bottles, and containers from their lunches. Place a bin for paper near your photocopying and printing equipment where unneeded documents can easily be disposed of. Putting recycling bins next to every garbage can will also remind employees that they have a choice to recycle and this often compels them to follow through with this option.

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