5 Beginner Guidelines for Banner Stands

Marketing, or being seen, in today’s world is the make or break for a company. You just can’t make it if nobody knows who you are, if nobody recognizes your brand. Something that many companies are using nowadays are banners. Banners provide a portable space for advertising, sharing your message, and getting your brand out there.

When creating banner stands for your business, it’s not just what’s on the front that matters. You have to choose a banner stand too. There are many styles which vary in style, and it’s up to you to decide which is best for you.

1. Roll-up banners

Roll up banners have a mechanism that allows them to automatically roll up when not in use. A simple pole stand at the back holds the banner out when it is in use, and breaks down into pieces when not in use for excellent storage. There are also two-sided roll up banners, where a banner is visible on either side.

The mechanism works the same, but the double-sided visual makes the banner more versatile. These banners are highly portable. The pole fits into the base when broken down and the pieces are easy to transport.

2. X banner stand

These stands are very sturdy because they have three legs as a base, and create an X in the back that connects all four corners. This style of stand is still very portable and easy to set up and take down. While it is not as automatic as the self-retracting roll up banner, the X banner stand is significantly cheaper, so for businesses or organizations on a tight budget, it’s an excellent choice.

It is important to note, however, that the X banner stands do not generally come with the printed banner.

3. Banner size

The standard banner size is between 23 and 33 inches wide by 63 to 78 inches tall. Other varied sizes of banners are available, for instance small banners that can sit on a table or a big double-sized banner that is more than double the size of a standard banner, but most commonly the more standard average sizes are used. They are easy to transport, but provide great visibility and ample space to share a message or show a brand.

4. Where to put it

The reason banners are so popular is because they can be put almost anywhere. Their portability allows them to be moved should they ever be in the way, but they don’t take up a lot of space and are thus a great addition to any lobby, show room, or retail environment.

Although not conducive to outside environments for long periods of time, they can be placed outside for special occasions like sidewalk sales, fairs, and events or on nice, mild days to attract traffic to a set location. The versatility that banners have to offer, and the small amount of space that the banner stands require in order to set up mean that there really is nowhere that a banner stand can’t be.

5. Get more than one

Banner stands are a worthy investment, because they bring recognition to your brand. Having one is great, but having more is a great way to bring more visibility to your company. Some companies will offer a deal if you order a larger quantity.

With more than one banner stand, you’ll be able to spread out your visibility too, opposed to having to lug around your one banner, you can keep one in multiple locations at all times. It is a great marketing tool for brand awareness, and you will never regret investing in more than one banners and banner stands.

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