5 Common Blunders When Picking a Moving Company

Moving is less stressful with proper planning and organization. It also depends on the moving company you choose. They can help with preparation and make the day as easy as possible. The only difficulty is choosing the right mover from the thousands that are listed. There are a handful that are reputable and operating for a long time. They provide the best service, excellent customer support and present all the requirements upfront to allow you to make an informed decision.

Despite having good moving companies, many people have failed to find a reputable company for their move. They end up selecting mediocre companies that leave them frustrated and stressed on the day of the move. Don’t make this mistake and try to avoid other common blunders as follows:

1. Making a last minute decision

Selecting a mover at the last minute is a common mistake many people make. Many movers are booked well in advance. To ensure you get a desired date and time, it is important to call them in advance. Limited time increases the pressure and leaves you with very little or no options. Plus, they may not be able to offer the date and time you prefer. This is easily avoidable by planning in advance, researching all your option of movers, and finding a mover that can help make the process as simple as possible.

2. Not checking the license and insurance

Cutting corners by hiring a freelancer or other listed movers, will not ensure proper handling of your belongings, the use of correct moving equipment and a timely move. A legitimate moving company is licensed and insured. They offer protection for your items, ensure no damage to your items during the move and use quality equipment. They comply will all city regulations.

3. Not watching out for red flags  

Reputable companies are always professional. You will immediately know that the moving company is not suited when they ask for upfront payments, don’t get back to you with a quote in time, are not reachable even after leaving several messages and provide you with vague prices. You might be in a rush or on a tight budget that can push you to take a risk to save money. In such circumstances, it is easy to avoid the warning signs. However, these warning signs are the best indicators of the moving company’s reputation. You can avoid this situation by researching in advance and checking if the company keep their promises.

4. Not asking for a written estimate

Professional moving companies will provide you with an estimate with no hidden costs. They ensure to provide this information upfront to enable you to make an informed decision. The estimate does not change much once the final price is issued. Having a written copy of the estimate will allow you to prepare the payment in advance and discuss any additions on the day if needed. Do not accept an estimate over the phone. Always check if the moving company can review the items at your home or office so they can prepare a more accurate quote.

5. Not paying attention to the estimate

Pay close attention to the estimate as there are cases where people have paid more than initial estimate. Ask questions on any additions and other costs that will apply so you are not surprised with hidden costs. Prices change during peak seasons or when movers are busy. This is the reason why advance planning will help to keep the prices down and more affordable. A written estimate will ensure the price does not change during busy times and closer to the day of the move.

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