5 Cooking Tools Every Commercial Kitchen Needs

To a professional cook, a commercial kitchen is something of a temple to their craft. As such, they need the right tools to properly complete their temple, right? For instance, you wouldn’t send a mechanic into a garage without a wrench or floor jack, would you?

Plus, the only real way that they can succeed in their jobs is to have the right equipment, anyway. What is the right equipment, though? This lovely little guide will provide a checklist of sorts of essential commercial kitchen equipment in the entries found below.

1. Range

Now, there are surely some kitchens that simply do not require a range somewhere in the world. However, the vast majority of commercial kitchens will, in fact, require this piece of equipment. Combining both a stove and oven, a range could quite possibly be the main star of your food preparation show.

Whether you are baking something sweet in the oven, or preparing a lovely stew on the stove top, the range will have many of your needs well covered. All in one convenient package, too! You can’t beat that, right?

2. Griddles and Flat-Top Grills

These useful appliances come in handy for kitchens that need to produce a high volume of quality, evenly cooked food. Able to cook a variety of different foods, a good griddle or flat-top grill will be able to handle anything from beef to pancakes, and even some types of vegetables.

The versatile nature and convenience of these pieces of equipment make them an easy mainstay in many kitchens that you’ll come across. Plus, they save quite a bit of time while preparing some quality grub, and that’s always a welcome advantage to a kitchen.

3. Deep Fryers

When the name of your game is speed and efficiency, a deep fryer is your friend. These handy little helpers can prepare a variety of tasty foods in quick order while also taking up relatively little space, depending on the size preference you choose. From fresh french fries, to fish, and even some sweets such as doughnuts, your trusty deep fryer will have you covered for quite a while!

Just be careful, as they do require some extra caution when using. Nobody wants to snack on some fries that are burnt to a crisp, after all.

4. Slicers

Cutting meat and vegetables up can be a pretty time consuming task. A busy kitchen has no time for that, so that is why slicers are a wonderful tool for the cook on the move. They can quickly slice most types of food into neat, orderly strips for lovely food presentation.

Plus, they can even cut through frozen foods, if the occasion arises. Toss in the fact that some slicers can be automatically operated, alongside manual operation, and you have the perfect recipe for a very useful tool in the kitchen!

5. Dish Washer

This one may seem a bit obvious, but the dish washer most certainly deserves a spot on this list. While hand washing dishes is, of course, effective, it is not entirely efficient. Having your employee’s time tied up washing dished can be detrimental to the flow of the kitchen. Having a quick, easy way to get things clean and cared for while everyone else is seeing to other tasks is one of the better ways to run a kitchen. Plus, we can be pretty honest. Doing the dishes by hand isn’t very fun, is it?

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