5 Design Techniques For Retail Display Shelving

When you have a store, display shelves are a must-have. However, it is not enough to just have them, you need to use them the right way to maximize the space of your store and attract customers. Below are 5 factors to consider when using new display shelving in your store.

1. Select the right shelves

The two factors that will determine the type of shelves to use in your store include the brand and nature of your products. If you intend to display expensive jewelry or perfumes, then jewelry display shelves with glass casing are the most suitable. For art products consider hardwood shelves to bring out a more natural look that will attract customers in search of such products.

No matter which type of products you have, gondola shelves should be considered. These can be easily moved to suit any layout you want for your store. Shelves can be adjusted to suit the size of the products, allowing for the best shopping experience possible for your customers.

2. Highlight in-demand items

You should consider placing seasonal items and those products that the customers want closest to the door. Aim to make them sell fast before the season ends or you will have the task of selling them at reduced prices or saving them for next year.

If a customer needs a particular product, chances are that he/she will take ample time to locate the product. However, when it comes a customer who may just be browsing and is unsure of what he/she wants, you will have to capture their attention to trigger their desire to make a purchase. If possible, place sale items at the back of the store. As they walk back to access these products, they are forced to walk through other aisles. Consequently, they more likely to pick up an extra item along the way.

3. Use a focal point

The secret to attracting your customer’s attention to the products you have displayed on the shelves is by creating a focal point. Doing so can help to increase your sales significantly. The focal point does not need to be relevant to the products you wish to highlight to the customers. It just needs to grab the attention of your customers enough to entice them to make a purchase.

The focal point should be positioned at an ideal place where customers are likely to notice it. Ideally, place it to the right side of the store entrance. Most customers tend to turn right whenever they enter a store. Now once you have captured their attention, place high consumable or margin products on that particular display shelf.

4. Use bright colors & proper lighting

Proper lighting of the shelves should be a major concern if you want your display shelving to be successful. Never underestimate the power of proper lighting and color and their ability to capture attention. Both can make or break your visual display.

Focus on the correct angle of the light to highlight the focal points and also minimize the casting shadows on other products. If customers cannot see what is on the shelves perfectly, they will become disinterested right away.

5. Flexible shelves

There are three desirable qualities when it comes to using display shelving: versatility, adjustability, and movability.

Highly versatile display shelves can accommodate almost every kind of product at any time with no changes being done, allowing you to display items quickly and change up a layout if necessary. Adjustable display shelves can easily be customized to accommodate new products.

This ability is beneficial when you get new products in and are having a hard time finding a spot for them. Movable shelves have wheels or are relatively lightweight to allow them to be moved around with ease. Using shelves that meet these qualities does not only help to minimize future expansion costs but also allows you to change your store layout to meet the demands of customers.

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