5 Professional Tips for the Aspiring Dental Assistant

There are certain jobs that simply fit people like a glove, and the people who find their perfect jobs are considered lucky by most. However, there are some jobs that you will need to prepare yourself for. You may end up being great at them, despite not being a perfect candidate initially.

In fact, most jobs are like this, but with a little preparation you can become the ideal choice for the job! This extends to the role of the dental assistant, but what are some things that you should know before starting down your path to becoming one? The entries in the guide below may just have a few good answers for you!

1. Attentiveness is Good

In a dental office, there are pretty much always tasks that need to be done. Therefore, you should never be lacking a responsibility. Being told to do something is fine, but something that looks really good on a new assistant is the ability to be proactive enough to look around and know exactly what things need to be accomplished.

Whether that be straightening up a little bit between patients, taking care of any inventory shortages, or simply chatting with a nervous visitor, taking the initiative to do things without being told is typically a good mark on your record.

2. Pay Attention

You need to have your ears perked up just in case you’re given instructions. Listen to what the hygienist or dentist has to say, and take each word in carefully. Naturally, if you become confused or lost along the way, it is for the absolute best that you ask questions. It is far better to learn by inquiring rather than learning from a mistake, especially when it comes to dentistry.

If you find yourself lost on certain lingo or confused over the use of specific technologies, it may be a sign that you should take dental assistant continuing education courses to polish your skills again. It is important to keep your dental education and career up-to-date in order to stay competitive in this industry.

3. Be Organized and on Point

When a procedure is occurring, you need to give your full attention to the situation. Watch what is happening and be ready to assist in whatever way is needed. After a while, you will be able to anticipate what you will need to do and be at the ready when the time comes.

Operating smoothly with your coworkers will make everything go much smoother in the long run. Plus, employers love an employee who can pick up on things quickly, and if you can really run with those observations, you will do great in that role.

4. Communication is Vital

As a dental assistant, you will be interacting with many different people throughout a given day. You must be able to easily communicate with them in an effective manner, or else you will have some issues with the work.

You must be able to properly talk to patients about their dental hygiene, work with dentists and hygienists during procedures, and you may even need to be able to be professional with insurers when discussing a patient’s payment options. Not everyone is a people person, but being able to be a bit extroverted can really help in this line of work.

5. Stay Positive

Let’s remember, being a patient going to the dentist is rarely fun. They are not exactly there to have a good time, so being positive can really make the experience much easier for them, and their satisfaction is vitally important to your job.

Plus, being positive and driven can help bring the morale up around your coworkers, as well. After all, no one wants to work or deal with a grumpy assistant, right? It’s just easier to keep your chin up and your mind filled with sunshine.

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