5 Retail Display Tips For This Holiday Season

Have you heard the Christmas carols in shopping malls yet?

As soon as we move into November, the holiday spirit begins, and the holiday shopping season commences all over the country. This is the time of the year when consumers spend the highest amount of money buying gifts, toys, and personal items. However, consumers tend to look for bargains, and since they are in the mood to shop, they are willing to go from store to store to find the right deals.

This is a good time for stores to make some effort to attract this wave of customers who are willing to spend and are waiting for the right product and/or bargain. In-store displays can play a critical role in garnering this attention and motivating consumers to visit your store.

Here are five tips for designing in-store displays this holiday season:

1. Start As Early As Possible

One of the biggest mistakes could be putting up your store display too late in the season. Most consumers start shopping in early November. It is thus important that you plan accordingly. The earlier you set up the store display, the more customers you will get. Keep in mind that there is a big chunk of shoppers who want to avoid the rush of shopping during the month of December. This is the bunch that you want to attract, and your in-store displays can do just that for you.

2. Work on Your Display Ideas

Since every store wants to attract as many customers as they can, everyone will be focusing on in-store displays. If you want to be different, try to be creative and innovative this year.

You can browse for new ideas online. You can also use social networks to understand what customers would like to see in a retail store. You may want to perform searches on keywords like “holiday decoration” “in-store design” “season decoration” “displays” and “brand promotion.”

Another great way to obtain inspiration on store displays is by going to a mall and just glancing at the stores. Borrow great ideas from top-notch stores like Saks Fifth Avenue or Neiman Marcus. Shoppers love to look at displays, but at the same time, your display should invoke emotions and holiday memories that will entice the shopper to come inside.

3. Bring Back Nostalgia for Your Demographic

One theme that almost always strikes a harmonious note with customers is the nostalgia of the years past. When you set up your in-store display, try to have a theme based on family, the holiday season, giving, and colorful garments. Consumers usually identify themselves with such memories and are more likely to purchase an item from your store if you can trigger within them a feeling of hope and joy. Indeed, you should capitalize on ideas that bring back fond memories.

4. Offer Real Discounts to Shoppers

Shoppers are always looking for discounts, and with the availability of online shopping, they can compare prices. If you want them to come to your store, offer real bargains and huge discounts. Before you even set your prices, browse the internet and know what your competitors are charging.

Set your prices accordingly; nothing draws crowds like a magnet than a real discount.

5. Make It Nice, Not Naughty

When you put up your display, set similar gifts together and keep everything clean. When you place related products next to each other, consumers develop an impulse to buy additional items. You can do this for fragrances, chocolates, desserts, clothes, and so on.

If you want your in-store display to be noticed, avoid the usual Christmas tree razzmatazz; do something unexpected like an image of the aurora borealis, volunteers serving at a food kitchen, or animals playing in the snow. People usually get attracted to unique images, and this also gets them inside the store. This might be what you needed all along.

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