5 Signs You Should Hire an Employment Lawyer

Terminated? Not receiving severance compensation? Employer not probing discrimination claims?

There are plenty of reasons as to why you would hire an employment lawyer and use their expertise against your employer. But the question is: should you?

Even if you’re hiring an employment lawyer to comb through the exorbitant amount of legal documents, you are justified. Yes, some companies might think that you’re asking for trouble from the very beginning, but this is your right – and, remember, there’s nothing wrong with getting legal aid on any occasion.

So, when should you tap the services of an employment lawyer? Here are five times when you should hire an employment lawyer:

1. Too Many Pages to Sign

In today’s workplaces, businesses are doing their utmost best to protect themselves from legal wrongdoing or potential lawsuits from disgruntled workers. As a result, companies will have you sign many different documents, many of which are aimed at dismissing future claims. It’s quite daunting.

Depending on your employment situation, you should consider hiring an employment lawyer.

This may not be necessary for an entry-level job, but if you’re in upper-management or at the executive stage, then you should certainly tap the services of an employment attorney. It may cost you in the beginning, but it will save you the grief in the future.

2. Employer Not Taking Abuse Seriously

Workplace harassment has become a serious issue in modern times. Everything from racial abuse to sexual harassment, private firms and public outfits are not letting it slide – or they will face the consequences for neglecting the complaints.

Should you have become the target of such abuse, then the very first thing you need to do is inform human resources or your employer. If, after a certain length of time and repeated submissions, your grievances have fallen on deaf ears, then perhaps it is about time you hire an employment lawyer.

By then, the company will take the matter up, investigate, and come to a proper conclusion.

3. Your Boss Violated the Labour Code

Let’s be honest: in the province of Ontario, the labour code is slanted in the favour of employees, not employers. Because of this, businesses need to spend a fortune to ensure they are abiding by all of the rules, laws, and regulations, otherwise they risk having to face the wrath of a bureaucrat.

Do you think your boss broke a labour law? If so, then hire an employment lawyer.

While it is near impossible to know every single line in the massive labour code, if you believe that the company you work for has violated a major law, then you should certainly speak with an employment expert. You may benefit yourself, your colleagues, and future workers.

4. Terminated Without Just Cause

Again, under the modern-day labour code, businesses are mandated to offer just cause when they give the pink slip to employees. It could be because of chronic tardiness or the business is downsizing.

Well, whatever the case might be, if you have been terminated without any sufficient reason or cause, then this is grounds for a lawsuit. Whether your position has been eliminated or you have been transferred to another department at a lower pay, you can fight this in court and get what you’re owed.

5. Not Receiving Benefits Owed to You

Most businesses are excellent at giving you your benefits, whether you’re employed or have been fired. But there are always a handful of companies that are horrible at this type of thing.

Have you not been given your severance pay? Have you not been covered for health insurance despite it stating explicitly in your contract? Have you not received your vacation pay?

These are all justifiable legal gripes to have, which means you must hire an employment lawyer right away. You don’t want these missed payments to grow, especially if your employer – past or present – refuses to remedy the situation.

It is a lot harder to be a business today than an employee for the simple fact that the system is always tilted in the worker’s favour. Most employees won’t take full advantage of the system, but they will if they feel the company has been untoward, unscrupulous, and unprofessional.

In the end, it is typically better to hire an employment lawyer rather than hoping the whole thing will blow over.

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