6 Best Office Kitchen Organization Ideas

Both the office and kitchen are two key spaces of a home, as they serve important functions for the family. A kitchen is a bustling place for cooking and eating as a family. Meanwhile, the home office is a place to lock oneself away and get some much-needed work done, or perhaps watch some shows.

Despite the fact that the kitchen and office serve very different functions, it is important for them to be highly organized spaces so that they better serve the needs of the family. the organizational approaches that are applied to the kitchen can also be easily applied to the home office as well.

Getting your kitchen and home office organized is very easy. There are loads of do it yourself or readymade options out there that work with your budget and your décor ideas. The hardest part is getting it done! If you feel like you are holding off in reorganizing, consider ripping off the band aide and just getting it done. I promise you that it will make your life easier from here on out. Happy organizing!

To simplify your life, we came up with the 5 best office kitchen organization ideas for the home office and kitchen:

Idea #1: Containers

Are you always trying to remember where you put something? Us too. That’s why transparent containers will soon be your best friends. Use transparent containers to put away kitchen staples such as spices, flour, sugar, coffee and much more. At the same time, you can use them to help organize your office supplies, such as pencils, pens, staples or paper clips.

See through containers come in all shapes and sizes, and can fit into any storage space. Due to their transparency, they make searching for things much easier! Another added bonus is how neat they look side by side. Don’t be scared to have fun with their shape and size, as it will give your space a quirky feel.

Idea #2: Vertical Space

When it comes to office kitchen organization, one thing we tend to forget about is our vertical space. Take advantage of the vertical space that you have in your cabinet doors, closets, desk drawers and other spaces. Vertical space is great because it can accommodate lots of items, but it does not have to sacrifice any drawer or counter space.

One great idea is to add in storage baskets to your kitchen cabinets under the sink for extra storage space for dish sponges, hand wash and dish soap. Another great idea for your office space is to hang a door organizer inside your closet door for storing things like tape rolls, post-it notes, staple packs, and much more.

Idea #3: Granite Countertops

Does your office kitchen look dull, drab, and lifeless? One of the most common complaints among employees is that their office kitchen doesn’t have an inviting environment. When the area doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing, people don’t put a lot of effort into cleaning up or organizing clutter.

Your best solution is to install stylish countertops in your office kitchen. Choose between various granite countertops, quartz countertops, or other materials to give your kitchen an elevated look. By renovating your countertops, you will add a touch of class to the office space. Employees will feel welcomed in this environment and make more of an effort to organize the items.

Idea #4: Lazy Susan

Lazy Susans are a multi-functional organizational gem! For those of you who don’t know what they are, they are round, rotating stands which typically go in cabinets and allow you to access far to reach items easier. There is a massive selection of them available in numerous stores, and they come in different shapes and sizes in order to fit into your space.

You don’t have to use Lazy Susans as they were originally intended to be used; all hidden away in a cabinet. Feel free to break tradition and use them to store spices in your kitchen counter. As well, a Lazy Susan would work very well on your computer desk to help organize various office supplies.

Idea #5: Dividers

Whenever you are in doubt, divide, divide and divide some more. Dividing up sections of a drawer or cabinet make the world of a difference when it comes to organizational solutions. For instance, to help you avoid searching for tongs or a spatula in an overcrowded drawer, you can create partitions and separate out your utensils into the spaces. It’s completely up to you in terms of how you decide to organize them, whether it’s by size, purpose, color, or whatever floats your boat.

Dividers will also assist you in keeping your office drawers tidy, particularly when it comes to small supplies like staples, erasers, paper clips and the like. You’re probably thinking “this sounds great and all, but I’m not exactly a woodcutting professional!” Do not fear. There are numerous ready to install options available in most home stores.

Idea #6: Re-purpose

If you are creative enough, nearly anything can be used as a storage solution. Consider re-purposing your wine rack as a handy bottle storage and mug shelf. For the office, try using a funky mug as your pen and pencil holder.

Want to add a neat stand to help add height to your computer? Scour some vintage stores for some beautiful old hardcover books. Not only are they heavy, they will also add the height that you need.

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