6 Best Security Systems for Small Business Events

When you put on business events, whether at a public or private venue, you need to consider the safety and security of guests. You want to have a successful gathering of employees, speakers and entertainment, and you shouldn’t have to worry about any threats while attending.

While you may only want to focus on the positive, it is important to consider everything that could go wrong during your event. Study your chosen location, look for weak entry points, and consider any high-profile attendees that could increase the threat. Understanding the risk will help you plan for any problems and disturbances.

Create a list of potential situations and develop a plan to deal with each. Expect the worst and plan for it. You will probably not have to implement any of these responses, but it is better to be prepared rather than caught off-guard.

How can you make certain your event is safe? Here are seven strategies on how to increase security in a business event.

1. Hire Security Guards

You may be an expert in your given field or industry, but that doesn’t mean you know how to secure an event. Hiring a team of well-trained guards will take care of that for you. These professionals have completed security guard courses online, making them knowledgeable on the best safety measures for your business event.

Security guards monitor and patrol your event and enforce your security protocols. They conduct security checks and can be stationed at all entrances to ensure only permitted attendees get through. They also are trained in handling threats and coordinating with the venue’s security team and local emergency services.

They are also a visual deterrent. Any would-be attacker or protester will see a security presence and avoid the conflict. You may also want plain-clothed security patrolling around the venue. They can monitor and react to any inside threats. Hiring security guards for your business event is crucial to its success.

3. Screen All Attendees


You want to welcome your guests to enjoy the event, and you may have 100’s of attendees. From employees to catering staff and speakers to entertainment, handling all these people is difficult.

Create a guest list and staffing list that your security team can use to police people’s entry. They need to be familiar with who is permitted to attend, and this will also help them spot any crashers.

4. Consult With Event Staff


The location of your event will usually have its management, including security. You should check with them to go over their safety protocols and procedures. Integrate their security with your own hired guards so they can coordinate in the event of a security breach.

Ask the venue staff if they have a safe room to be used and become acquainted with their location and other muster areas around the building. Ask about their response plan for an active shooter or venue breach. When you and your security team coordinate with the venue’s security, your attendees will be better protected.

5. Plan For Protesters


If your company is involved with anything controversial or has invited a tendentious speaker, you may have protesters at the event. This type of legal gathering can quickly get out of control and cause chaos for you and those at your venue.

Communicate with your security staff about the potential for protesters and let them know the time a controversial speaker will be there. They can then increase their presence at particular access points and prepare for a clash. A high-spirited protest sometimes spirals into an angry mob, so knowing the triggers for that.

6. Inform Guests About Your Security Protocols


Having a large event takes planning, and you want your guests to feel safe. Let them know well ahead of time what your security will be like. This puts people’s minds at ease, knowing you are concerned with their safety.

You can also notify people if you plan to collect mobile devices and cameras at the entrance. This is also a good time to ask attendees not to publicize the event on social media. It’s especially important if you want to keep privacy, like a product launch or high-profile guests.

7. Have Emergency Medical Staff In Attendance


Anything can go wrong at an event. Medical emergencies are common and not just from a security threat. People’s health is a concern, and you want to have a trained professional that can quickly respond to a medical emergency. Your security staff may have emergency first aid training, but they have a specific job to do. Hire a dedicated team for medical emergencies, and then you will be prepared for anything.

Business events are fun, and your attendees want to have a great time learning and socializing. Keep your corporate function safe by having increased security. Implement these strategies at your next business event, so you have peace of mind. Everyone will be safe.

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