6 Business Packaging Design Tips and Tricks

When it comes to the world of business, capturing a consumer’s attention is very important. Some numerous techniques and strategies can be used to accomplish this goal. However, the human eye will always be drawn to alluring and interesting things. Your product’s packaging, as a result, should strive to reflect this sentiment.

Reaching a level of packaging that is worth engaging with can be a challenging task. However, try your best to think outside of the box, to come up with fun, creative ideas. The more unorthodox you go in terms of marketing, the more engagement you are bound to get.

Try out these six business packaging design tips and tricks:

Tip #1: Avoid predictable packaging design.

If your product is to stand apart from its competition, the last thing you want to do is make it look the same. As a result, ensure your packaging does not use graphics or labels common to the human eye. Experiment with different types of fonts and imagery to reach something more interesting.

Original designs will always stand the test of time because they were methodically created. Sometimes, it doesn’t even take a lot of effort to reach something original either. Maybe you can add custom tape to your packaging, or add a splash of colour to the design.

Keep it simple as a start, and then delve into creative techniques afterwards. You’d be surprised at how much the general consumer appreciates originality!

Tip #2: Use custom boxes for packaging.

Nowadays, most packaging ideas come in the form of your standard box. This rectangular-shaped packaging is the easiest to use, but it isn’t the most creative for appearances. If you want to take your packaging game to the next level, try experimenting with the actual shape. Avoid traditional boxes, and manually customize the box.

A good example of this is confectionary companies that market season-specific products. Around Valentine’s Day, expect to see a ton of cool and interesting chocolate products arriving in the shape of a heart box. These types of packaging are thoughtful and can connect with consumers on an emotional level.

Tip #3: Make your packaging a mysterious structure.

Another key aspect of creative packaging is how the product appears. If something doesn’t look normal or contemporary, it could be an incentive to draw in more consumers’ eyes. This is a key first step to ensuring that a sale can be made. For instance, don’t outwardly reveal the contents of your product through the packaging.

Use the packaging to cover it up while also creating something that evokes curiosity. These unique types of packaging can be especially useful when trying to get more customer engagement. It forces the consumer to take it off its shelf to give it a more meticulous look.

Tip #4: Use modern packaging design elements.

Nothing makes a product stand out more than quirky design elements used creatively. When it comes to contemporary packaging design, you have various strategies. One of the best methods to implement into your packaging is minimalism.

This business packaging design tip has to do with using less to create more. Only use what you deem is necessary business-wise so that you can create a truly unique business packaging. Don’t be afraid to be selective with your approach from the words used, the imagery, and the colours. That way, it will convey a sense of originality to the consumer.

Tip #5: Use packaging openings.

As mentioned previously, the rectangular-shaped box is a tried-and-true way of creating packaging. There will be an opening somewhere, commonly found on one side of the box. If you want to make your packaging more interesting, experiment with where you place the opening.

Many boxes that reflect this creative design may place their openings on the bottom of the packaging. Here, a fun message could be written to smile on customers’ faces. While the opening is a common factor of all business packaging, its positioning can always be experimented with.

Tip #6: Design with brand storytelling.

Above all else, your company brand will be something that should be considered for the long term. This extends to marketing, wherein your product’s packaging should incorporate the brand identity. Don’t just think that a common rectangular-shaped box will cut it. You’ll want to ensure that the packaging is expertly crafted for an optimal result.

It may be inconvenient to make new designs for your company’s packaging. However, the long-term gains are sure to be had, especially when you make it a part of your company’s identity. Remember, try to keep things simple, and then go from there. Your customers will always appreciate the little things, even when it comes to the packaging!

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