6 Home Office Furniture Ideas to Increase Productivity

Your home office can be a beautiful well-lit room overlooking the garden, or it can be a small desk nestled into your chaotic kitchen. Wherever and whatever your home office is, you need to ensure that it is a space that imbues you with energy, creativity and allows you to easily roll up your sleeves and get to work!

Unfortunately, many home offices tend to get easily overlooked in a home and easily become a dumping ground for bills, documents, books, and all sorts of other things. When an environment becomes uninspiring, it is easy to stop using your home office and instead, spread out across your kitchen table, couch, or even bed (don’t act like you haven’t done it!).

In order to re-infuse your home office with some much needed TLC, here are six home office furniture ideas to increase your productivity levels:

Idea #1: Office furniture that encourages you to stand

Recent research has revealed that sitting for extended periods of time is just as harmful as smoking. Indeed, extensive sitting can cause weight gain, joint pain, a reduction in energy, and even increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Sitting for a prolonged period of time also impacts mood and motivation.

As such, standing desks can be a great antidote to excessive sitting. I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t standing desks expensive? Not at all. There are numerous very affordable options out there which are under $200 bucks.

Another great perk with this home office furniture idea is that they are smaller in size, and can easily be relocated to different spaces. How about mixing it up and working in another room in your house?

Idea #2: Use glass tables in your home office

When most people think of an office desk, they don’t think of glass tables. Indeed, we consider glass tables to only belong in the living room as coffee tables that hold your beautiful glossy books, coasters and wine glasses.

However, glass tables in your home office help widen the depth of the space. This home office furniture idea is perfect for smaller rooms, as the glass table can fool you into believing your space is larger.

Glass office tables also help with reducing clutter. They often don’t come with drawers and their sheer look causes you to put away things more rapidly. Glass tables for the win!

Idea #3: Get some eco-friendly home office furniture

Including plants in your home office is just as important as having pens and notebooks ready. This is because plants quite literally purify the air, which ensures that you are consistently working in a fresh and clean environment.

Studies have also shown that working in an office with plants helps boost one’s mood and increase productivity. Talk about going for the green.

Idea #4: Use hanging shelves in your home office

Hanging shelves are fantastic home office furniture ideas as they help clear out floor space. This is particularly important for smaller home offices where every single square foot goes a long way. When it comes to hanging shelves, the world is your oyster.

You do not need to stick to the standard run of the mill block shelves which come in limited colors. Instead, you can opt for gilded elegant shelves with floral design and glass panels. Or perhaps, funky colorful shelves which come in various sizes. Hanging shelves can be as unique as your personality. There is no need to settle for the most conventional home office furniture ideas.

Idea #5: Use a remarkable rug in your home office

If your home office allows it, get yourself a fabulous rug to go with your furniture. Rugs help tie in the all the home office furniture together, while at the same time, providing practical benefits like keeping your feet toasty and providing a more soundproof space.

Are you worried about which colors to go with? It’s always a safe bet to stick to neutrals. Soft gray or cream tones go well with almost any space, and they will also help make the room look larger.

Idea #6: Find some comfortable chairs in your home office

The key to amazing home office chairs is to get ones which are comfortable, but not comfortable to the extent that you can easily slump over and fall asleep. Since your home office is part of your home after all, consider introducing a seating area into the space.

This home office furniture idea will help make the space more multi-functional, and it will also allow visitors who come into your office to have a more comfortable area to interact with you. A comfortable seating area also offers a fantastic reading space, which is great if you need to get caught up with some documents or books.

The key ingredient to a fantastic home office is to ensure that it is well integrated into the overall dynamics of your home. To successfully achieve that, you need to think about the most effective use for that space. Happy furniture shopping!

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