7 Business Advantages of Using Television for Advertising

Watching TV is most people’s favourite pastime. Today especially, most households turn to their television sets as an escape from the daily stressors of the COVID-19 pandemic. With services like YouTube, Hulu and Netflix, there is a common misconception that the internet is replacing television viewing, but this is not accurate.

Internet usage is actually complementing TV viewing. When TV ads are done well, they can evoke emotional connections, making them more persuasive.

Here are seven advantages of using television for advertising:

Advantage #1: Targeted Audiences

One of the advantages of using television for advertising is you’ll be able to reach targeted audiences. TV advertising allows you to reach targeted audiences more efficiently. You can target your audience by buying a spot during shows that the intended audience might be watching. Choose daytime spots to reach work-from-home or stay-at-home audiences.

Evening spots will reach full-time workers. To reach a native market, native-speaking channels will best suit your needs. If you wish to target children, pick slots that are in between cartoons. To advertise alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, and grilled dishes, a spot during a sporting show will target a fun-loving audience.

Targeted advertising allows you to reach people who are more likely to be interested in your products or services. This ensures your marketing budget is spent well and increases your profit margin.

Advantage #2: Large Audiences

Television sets have become quite affordable. The majority of households have at least one television, complemented by matching flat screen TV stands in their homes. On average, teenagers spend most of their time watching TV, while adults spend at least a few hours of the day watching.

The number of TV stations is limited compared to radio stations. This increases the likelihood of having a large group of people watching your advert at the same time. It also reaches a large audience using a single advert, which is much easier than advertising to one person at a time.

Research shows that people purchase an item after watching an advert on television. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, TV viewing has also increased. Research shows that most people spend time-consuming media since public gatherings have been restricted, and the number of people working from home has increased significantly. Therefore, the chances of a TV advert reaching more people than it normally would are higher than pre-COVID.

Advantage #3: Combines Picture and Sound

Television advertising can captivate the audience and get them to stop what they’re doing and listen to your pitch. For a few minutes, your product remains in the spotlight without competition. This ensures potential customers get your message clearly.

Using picture also allows them to perceive the advert the way you intend them to. It shows the product, its uses, and the benefit of having it. Unlike other methods of advertising, such as print and radio, TV advertising increases the chances of your audience watching the whole advert.

Advantage #4: Fosters Emotion

With a good TV advert, you determine how you want your audience to react. This is unlike other advertising methods, such as print, which don’t give you control of how clients read the advert. With TV advertising, you can make the advert light-hearted, thought-provoking, humorous, or heart-breaking.

Instead of just making moving messages, create a short skit or play and don’t forget to add appropriate pauses to emphasize the desired emotion. Most people are attracted to creative, well-made adverts.

Advantage #5: Loyal Viewers

TV draws loyal viewing with shows that keep viewers glued. People love to binge-watch or follow their favourite shows during the designated times. This forges a long-lasting relationship. News broadcasting has also grown TV audiences.

In fact, advertising within news increases trust for the brand. Some TV stations are more popular with viewers. They are known to start conversations between friends and families. Your advert gets to reach the viewers, their families, and friends.

Advantage #6: Social Media Influence

The appearance of a brand on TV lends it credibility. This is not necessarily the case with online advertising. However, if an advert is seen both online and on TV, it becomes really credible. When advertising on TV, encourage your viewers to visit your online platforms.

Most viewers have another device with them as they watch the TV. This allows them to engage with the advert in more depth by simultaneously checking it online and sharing it with friends.

As a result, the relationship between the brand and the viewer is nurtured and maintained. Besides, when you combine TV advertising with other platforms, you reach a wider audience. Online platforms make TV advertising more efficient, a synergy that’s bound to get better with time.

Advantage #7: Cost-Effective

As soon as you identify your target market and select a preferred network, you will find that TV advertising is cost-effective. TV guarantees more than an hour of advert viewing each day on a low budget, especially considering the size of audience it reaches per viewing. While TV advertising costs can vary depending on the spot you choose, it gives you great value for your money that no other means of media would.

To make an informed marketing decision, evaluate your advertising options by matching them against your desired end-result. Each medium offers its fair share of advantages, which can benefit your advertising strategy.

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