7 Business Techniques to Drive More Organic Leads

Building an audience or a base of clients will help your business achieve longevity, no matter your industry. Finding ways to interact with your target market and get them to keep you at the top of their mind is essential for your long-term growth.

The more people you have finding you from search engines, your email list or referral, the better your company is going to perform. Try these seven different tips to help bring in more organic leads!

1. Define What Counts As A Lead

Defining what counts to your company as a lead is the first step to enhancing your organic lead generation. What counts as a lead is going to differ from company to company. You might count a lead as someone who joined your email list or a person that reached out to get more information from your company. Get clear on what actions potential customers can take that bring your company the most value.

2. Understand Your Target Audience

Knowing clearly who your audience is will save you from a lot of guesswork. Taking a scatter approach is only going to waste your time and resources if you want to bring in organic leads. Make the time to build buyer personas and identify the problems your target audience deals with on a daily basis. Doing this groundwork will help you decide what type of content to develop and how to best promote your company.

3. Add Compelling Conversion Points To Your Website

Lots of companies want more organic leads, but they don’t make it easy for people to come to them. Every page of your website should have some type of call to action that makes it easy for new leads to get into your funnel. Editing your old blog posts to include a call to action for lead magnets or to join your email list is worth your time.

4. Use More Video

Video is an underrated part of SEO and organic leads in general. Search results that include video are 41% more likely to be clicked than results with just text. Video will increase how much time people spend on your site, and you’ll gain links from YouTube and wherever else your video is shared. If you’re struggling to come up with video ideas, you need to focus in on your target audience’s problems. You can also repurpose some of your best performing content into video form to get more eyes on it.

5. Produce Helpful Content

No one is going to join your email list or download your lead magnets if they aren’t enjoying what you have to say. The only way to connect with people online is to give them value. People can literally choose from millions of websites in the same industry as you. The best way you can stand out is to produce detailed content that actually helps people solve problems.

6. Stay In Touch With Your Existing Clients

Keeping your current customers happy is a great way to increase business. Referrals and repeat business are the best organic leads you can ask for. You can use real estate CRMs to maintain contact with your existing clients and encourage them to send you referrals. If you have a foundation of quality content to pull from, it’s easy to engage with your existing clientele by sharing information they would find valuable.

7. Optimize Your Existing Content

Going back and editing your content is a great way to optimize your website. You can edit old articles to target new keywords or optimize for the people currently visiting your site. It’s also worth updating your titles and meta descriptions to see if you can increase your click-through rate on search engines.

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