7 Tips for Flying with Vape Pens on Business Trips

If you’ve never flown with a vape, you may wonder how to travel with one on your business trip. You can rest assured that travelling with your vape and vape juice is simple as long as you know and follow the rules. Most airlines allow their customers to fly with e-cigarettes or vapes. However, verifying with the airline you are flying on is always a good idea.

There are regulations you must adhere to in Canada and the United States. Follow these seven tips for flying with vape pens.

Tip #1: Don’t pack vape devices with a lithium battery.

You can carry devices like a vape pen Canada on the airplane in your pockets or carry-on luggage. Vape pods are also acceptable. However, you can’t pack anything that has a lithium battery in your checked baggage. This is a worldwide regulation intended to prevent a fire from breaking out in the cargo hold of a plane.

If you forget and your bags are x-rayed and flagged by the baggage handlers, you’re likely to lose your devices and batteries, at the very least. They may even leave your luggage behind at the departure airport. It’s not worth taking the chance, so take your vape devices aboard the plane.

Instead of flying with vape pens, you may also consider using disposable vapes. A disposable vape means you can easily dispose of your device after use. That means you won’t need to carry it with you on the trip. When you arrive, you can purchase another disposable vape at your destination. That makes it more convenient than flying and packing with your device.

Tip #2: Keep spare batteries in a plastic case.

Are you bringing spare batteries? Please don’t leave them loose in your bag. Keep them secure in a plastic case. If your vape uses an external power source, don’t forget to pack the charger. You may not be able to find a compatible one at your destination. Before arriving at the airport, ensure that your batteries are fully charged and your device is fully functional.

A security guard may ask you to turn your device on to prove that it is not dangerous, like an explosive. After you have gone through security, removing the batteries is not a bad idea. That way, you can be confident you don’t accidentally turn the vape on during the flight.

Tip #3: All e-liquids must be under 100ml.

Vape juice can travel in your checked luggage or carry it with you if you adhere to the rules of flying with liquids. All liquids in an airplane must be under 100 ml and in a small plastic bag. Pack any liquid amounts greater than 100 ml in your checked bags. There is no limit to how much liquid you can take in your luggage.

Tip #4: Travel with empty or partially filled tanks.

Keep in mind that changes in cabin pressure while flying can cause full tanks to leak. It is better to travel with them empty or only partially filled to allow room for the liquid to expand. If you choose to pack your vape cartridges with your luggage, putting them in two plastic zip-top bags is a good idea. If they happen to leak during the flight, this will ensure the liquid doesn’t ruin any of your belongings.

Tip #5: Let the security guards know you’re carrying a vape.

There is no reason to be concerned about security at the airport when travelling with vape devices. Travelling with e-cigarettes has become commonplace, and security guards are used to dealing with travellers who vape. If you follow the regulations about bringing them on your flight safely, you should not encounter any problems.

Let the security guards know you are carrying a vape, but you likely won’t even be asked to bring them out for screening. Remember that, just like smoking, it is illegal to vape in airports or aboard planes. Some airports may have designated smoking areas, but these are becoming less common.

Tip #6: Do not vape during a flight.

Even though you can bring your vape device aboard an airplane, under no circumstances should you use it? If you attempt to vape during your flight, you can be fined, arrested, or possibly even jailed when you reach your destination.

Don’t try to sneak a puff in the bathroom either; plane smoke detectors are extremely sensitive. The possible penalties for being caught vaping on a plane are not worth it. Just be patient, wait until you arrive at your destination, and find a location where vaping is permitted.

Tip #7: Do not take vape juice to another country without precaution.

If you fly between Canadian cities, you can transport a small amount of cannabis on a plane. But please do not attempt to take any vape juice containing THC or CBD to another country. You could face prosecution.

It’s a good idea to ensure you understand the local vaping laws at your destination. Look them up as part of your pre-vacation planning, especially if you travel to a place you’ve never been to. Some countries have banned vaping, so you don’t want to arrive in one of those locations unaware.

Be sure you understand the rules of how to travel by air with your vape device and e-juice. This will ensure that you don’t get into trouble and make your journey as smooth as possible.

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