7 Unique Corporate Dinner Ideas for Business Events

Whether it’s a corporate luncheon, a breakfast meeting, a conference, or a normal workday, everyone has to eat, and you want the food to be amazing. However, most office managers and business owners don’t want food that is plain and boring. They want unique corporate dinner ideas that are different, tasty, and has their employees coming back for more, which means no more complaining about those luncheons and meetings.

In this list, we will give you a few different corporate catering ideas that will not only set your employees mouths to watering, but that you probably haven’t even thought of having. Let’s get started on the best corporate catering ideas to set up for your corporate event.

Dinner Idea #1: Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza? This corporate dinner idea is a huge hit, no matter what type of event it’s served at. For this corporate luncheon, however, how about forgoing the traditional pizza for crazy pizzas instead. Why would you settle for a pepperoni and sausage pizza when you could have a pizza with taco toppings?

Many catering companies offer a variety of unique pizza options. Why not order a few and let your employees try them out? Make sure to order a few traditional as well, for the ones in the group who don’t like change. Thanksgiving pizza, mashed potato pizza, and mac and cheese pizza are popular options as well.

Dinner Idea #2: Buddha Bowls

No matter what you call them, if you’re looking for a healthy option for your next function, Buddha bowls may just be the answer. There is no doubt that these bowls are perfect for corporate dinner ideas and the punch they give will carry your employees through the rest of the workday.

Bowl options can include quinoa bowls, brown rice bowls, burrito bowls, and poke bowls, just to name a few. The other great thing about this catering option is that the bowls are easy to tailor to anyone’s dietary needs, so you don’t have anyone without food once the luncheon begins.

Dinner Idea #3: Mac and Cheese

Is there a better corporate dinner idea on a cold, frigid winter’s day or during a long meeting than a hot, savory bowl of mac and cheese. Whether the dish brings back memories of childhood or not, there’s no doubt that employees will love having mac and cheese for a luncheon.

You, of course, don’t have to serve the same old, same old from your childhood, not when there are options such as healthy mac and cheese, or a mac and cheese bar, where everyone can add their favorite toppings to the dish.

Dinner Idea #4: Breakfast for Dinner

Many people don’t eat breakfast every day, and there are just as many who love breakfast for lunch and dinner as well. There is nothing to fill up a crew and get them motivated to work than a big plate of bacon and eggs.

You can even get inventive with your breakfast for lunch items and serve breakfast tacos, French toast, waffle tacos, or set up a breakfast buffet where everyone can pick and choose which items, they want to eat themselves.

Dinner Idea #5: Nontraditional Sandwiches

You don’t want to serve something as boring as ham and cheese or tuna sandwiches at your corporate event, but why not serve some sandwiches that are outside of the box? Loaded BLTs, Caprese sandwiches, superfood wraps, Banh Mi, Gyros, and sliders are just a few of the choices that your employees are sure to love.

Dinner Idea #6: Cozy Winter Pies

Of course, many corporate events are held in the winter when your employees would much rather be at home warming by the fire with a mug of hot coffee in their hands. Keep your employees warm with cozy, savory winter pies, instead of sandwiches in the dead of winter.

These meat and veggie laden pies are a bit heavy, but your employees will thank you for serving them warm, hearty food, and be more productive for it. Don’t forget to serve the pie with mugs of coffee for the best reaction. Other options include pot pies, Shepherds pies, and even breakfast pies, so that employees have options.

Dinner Idea #7: BBQ

While this corporate dinner idea may be messy, what better way to hold an event when it’s warm outside than by throwing a BBQ. Toss some ribs and hamburgers on the grill, get a few bags of chips, some of that great mac and cheese we discussed earlier and you’re well on your way to having a great corporate luncheon.

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