8 Good Merchandising Display Ideas for a Retail Store

Nowadays, customers are looking for theatrical ambience at shopping malls or retail stores. Visual merchandising is key to offering customers this unique experience. Retail displays have proven to create brand awareness and increase sales revenue. An attention-grabbing visual display can make it easy for potential customers to find a product in a store. It can help to make shopping enjoyable and less time-consuming.

These visuals assist sales representatives in selling more products as well. If your retail outlet has a product that is not moving in sales, a visual POP display can help to push sales for these slow-moving items. Furthermore, visual merchandise displays offer a competitive advantage to other similar retail stores as it gives the store a unique image.

Visual merchandise is vital for driving sales traffic and conversion for retail stores. A successful example is the Burlington Mall. In this Burlington-based shopping centre, many stores have good merchandising display ideas. Their displays help to drive traffic and increase popularity for all the stores in the mall.

Merchandising displays can boost your retail performance and amplify your product sales. Check out these eight best merchandising display ideas for a retail store:

Idea #1: Artist displays

Artist displays combining banners and posters can make a significant impact. It is memorable and can sell any product in a store. Make it a focal point in the store. Create a display that will immediately catch the passing customers’ attention. A good theme will lure the customer and get them interested in the merchandise. Additionally, a decorative display speaks to the customer and appeals to him or her on an emotional level.

Idea #2: Educational displays

Did you know that visual merchandising has an impact on the different stages of the consumer buying behavior process? It is the best way to educate customers, create a desire and finally encourage them to buy. A significant advantage of using visual displays is that it is more effective than other forms of promotional media such as advertisements and commercials. This is because visual merchandising immediately influences the customer to take action and make an immediate purchase.

Educational displays using brochure stands and literature holders, to inform the customer of the features and benefits of the products. These are smart visual displays that use different display components to educate the customer and eventually influence their purchase decision. These types of displays can even get customers to buy a product without any sales assistance as the educational visual has facilitated the decision process.

Idea #3: Interactive displays

If you are looking to engage customers, try interactive visual merchandise. You can implement these retail display ideas with unique fixtures and customized display construction. Find ways to display products in certain angles that will allow customers to observe products on display from different angles.

Idea #4: Tangible displays

Like any customer, when you enter a hardware store, you would like to see the merchandise and not just the box on the retail shelf. After seeing and feeling the actual product, you will be comfortable making a purchase decision. Having a visual display that allows customers to touch and feel products ensures your retail store connects with the customer. Customers get firsthand experience with your merchandise before making a final decision.

Idea #5: Cross-merchandising displays

If you are looking for complementary merchandising display ideas for a retail store, you should consider the cross-merchandising strategy. This method allows you to place complementary products together in one location to encourage an interconnected purchase.

Use brochure stands, posters and banners to improve the shopper’s experience and convenience. Also, consider various display stands to help accentuate the products. For example, sportswear, sports shoes and other accessories such as helmets and protective knee pads.

Idea #6: Colourful displays

Colours can create an eye-catching and pleasant display. Colour is a key component that can easily influence customers. Bright colours stand out and attract attention. Contrasting colours can also draw attention. Specific colours can evoke feelings, such as calmness and excitement.

Use colours in moderation and ones that have strong connections to industry settings. For example, if you are selling environmentally friendly products, you will benefit from the use of the colour green as part of your visual merchandise displays.

Idea #7: Solution-based displays

Use display merchandise displays to offer a solution to your customers. For example, add a tent, canoe, bag pack and camping items as part of a display. This can help customers buy all the items they need for their camping trip.

Use a combination of posters, banners and brochure holders to inform the customers of the various products. Another example is living room items. Have a living room set up with a TV screen, sofa, audio system, lamp and much more to have customers buy a solution.

Idea #8: Signage displays

A few well-worded signs both inside and outside the store offers brand exposure. Retail stores find this method useful when they want to direct customers to different areas of the store. When there is a clearance sale, these signages help to direct customers to the areas where the promotional priced items are displayed. These signs should be easy to understand and should match the store’s theme.

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