8 Moving Organization Tips for Business Owners & Homeowners

Our lives are directly correlated to the fulfilment we feel from certain areas. From our careers, to the regions we settle down in, our happiness hinges on our satisfaction in these aspects. As it pertains to the latter, we sometimes may feel that we need a new change in scenery. Moving to a new location may be the solution here.

The process of moving can be long and arduous. However, with a little preparation beforehand, the procedure can go by pretty smoothly. All it takes is a little organization on your part, even before you start getting those boxes out.

The following eight moving organization tips will help prepare you for the journey ahead:

Tip #1: Gather moving supplies

Before we talk about the different moving organization tips, it’s important to gather first the necessary moving supplies. Every moving process requires the right materials and supplies. The most common ones involve your usual boxes of varying lengths. Since boxes are the core materials needed, ensure that you obtain proportionately-sized ones. Your smaller keepsakes will not be going in a large box after all!

Other key materials needed are tape, bubble wrap, and other protective layering supplies. During the actual transportation of your goods, you want them to be as sheltered as possible. As such, the right protective materials, such as bubble wrap, will have to be purchased in a large volume.

Tip #2: Scheduling the move

Once you have a set move in date at your new location, you’ll have to get to work. Get yourself a scheduling calendar, and ensure that you use all available dates to your advantage. If you have a ton of things to pack, the best way to navigate the process is to label your days. This sentiment means that you pack one room per a number of days.

Some days will not be as challenging as others, however. That is mainly due in part to what sort of belongings and items are in each room. Should you find yourself with some free time at the end of each packing day, use it to recoup. Moving can be a draining process; always try to replenish your energy!

Tip #3: Pack by room

The last thing anyone wants is to have their belongings in a jumbled mess. To counteract this, the first thing you’ll want to do is to organize by room. Start with the smaller rooms first, such as certain bedrooms or storage rooms. Take a look at the belongings in these rooms, and determine what should go where.

After you have taken care of the smaller rooms, you’ll have to tackle the larger ones next. Items in these areas, such as the living room and kitchen, will have to appropriately be taken down. Be careful here, as you are more likely to have delicate possessions in these rooms.

Tip #4: Donate excess items

One of the best parts about moving? You’ll eventually realize that not everything needs to be taken with you. To avoid unnecessary amounts of clutter, make a list of the items that you don’t need to carry along. This could range depending on the person, from old articles of clothing to other keepsakes.

Instead of just discarding these items into the trash, the best thing to do is donate them. For older clothing, you should take them to the nearest donation box or centre. There will always be a need for clothing, especially for those less fortunate.

Tip #5: Label the moving boxes

Once your boxes have been packed and protected by bubble wrap, you’ll have to label them accordingly. To make things easier on your eyes, colour coding helps a ton. Mark your box by a colour that is akin to its respective room. Then, use a marker and label the name of the room on the exterior of the box.

Tip #6: Pack essentials last

When you inevitably arrive at your destination, you’ll need some important supplies. As a result, pack your essential items later, and put them into the moving vehicle last as well. These possessions will be the first items you unload from the requisite vehicle once you arrive.

Tip #7: Update utility company information

It is also recommended that you keep all of your utility company’s contact information nearby. Sometimes, you won’t have time to cut off your old home’s gas or electricity before the move. These pieces of contact information are crucial, for cancelling or setting up your respective utilities.

Tip #8: Ask for moving help

You can never have too much help, when it comes to moving! If there are any friends or family members available, reach out to them for some assistance. This can expedite the organizational aspect of the process tenfold. You should also hire professional movers, who can expedite the moving process and make the event much more relaxing.

No matter the distance of your eventual move, being prepared is the most important tip to keep in mind. As the old adage goes, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Staying organized during the process is reflective of this sentiment through and through!

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