9 Small Bedroom Office Combo Ideas

Working from home can sound more enjoyable if you have a comfortable home office. You can sit at your desk, lay out your laptop and everything you need to be productive, and be free from distractions while you work or attend an online meeting.

But what if you live in a small home and have no choice but to set up your office space in your bedroom?

Don’t worry, and it’s not that difficult to make the most of your space and transform a part of your bedroom into a convenient and efficient workspace.

These nine small-bedroom office combo ideas will help you overcome this challenge.

Idea #1: Use your nightstand as a desk

If you feel like your bedroom is so small you might not be able to fit a desk in there, take a good look at your nightstand. It could double as your desk if it’s large enough to place a laptop and a few office supplies.

You might even be inspired to buy a new nightstand that is slightly larger than your current one and has drawers and shelves to store your documents and office supplies.

Idea #2: Hang your desk on the wall

You can save space in your small bedroom office combo by getting a wall-mounted desk you can fold up when you are not working.

You can buy one, but it’s also possible to build your custom one if you are handy with tools. Add some built-in shelves to have a dedicated space for your office supplies.

Idea #3: Build a custom desk and storage unit

You could get a custom desk and storage unit if you have enough space for a desk that doesn’t have to be folded up when you’re not using it. Again, you could design and build your own if you are handy or get someone to do it for you.

A custom workstation has many benefits. It will make the most of your space, and it will have all the storage shelves you need not only for your office supplies but for the other items you keep in your bedroom as well.

Idea #4: Trade your full-size bed for a chair bed

If a loft bed is not for you, you can save some floor space in your bedroom office combo with a chair bed.

Chair beds are like futons or sofa beds, except they are designed for only one person. Chair beds for small spaces fold into stylish chairs during the day. Yet, they become comfortable beds at night when it’s time to sleep.

When your space is limited, a chair bed can be the best option for a small bedroom that also serves as a home office.

Idea #5: Arrange your desk under a loft bed

Loft beds are not only for children. If you own a loft bed or are considering getting one, you can set your home office underneath it.

This allows you to save some space and enjoy a cozy office nook with a desk, a comfortable chair, a lamp, and everything you need to work from home.

Idea #6: Define your office area with a beautiful rug

Whether your office space is in the corner of your bedroom or a cozy nook, you could define your office area with a beautiful rug. Simply place your desk and your chair on an area rug to create a visual separation that will not break the flow of your bedroom-office combo.

Idea #7: Divide the room with a curtain or a screen

Do you feel like seeing your desk while relaxing in bed will make it more difficult to keep a healthy balance between work and personal life? You could hide your desk when your work shift is over.

You can do so with a curtain or with a folding screen. Creating a division between your office and bedroom areas should also help you stay focused when you are working since you won’t be seeing your comfy bed.

Idea #8: Get some privacy with window films

Enjoying natural light during the day could make you more productive at work. Placing your desk in front of a window could be a good idea, but you might not want your neighbors to be able to look at you while you work.

Covering the bottom part of your windows with window films will let you enjoy natural light while preserving your privacy.

Idea #9: Create harmony with your color scheme

Finally, if you want your office space to look like it belongs in your bedroom, think about using colors and patterns to create harmony throughout the room.

You want your small home office to be functional, but you also want it to look inviting and match your decor scheme.

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