How to Exterminate Ants in Your Office

The Earth we share with others makes it a livable, breathable environment to thrive on. As a society, we all interact with different people daily through school or work. Of course, Earth is not the only planet hospitable to humans. A variety of animals and insects make the planet their own as well.

Unfortunately, some insects will try to make your home their own at some point. The odd fly or spider may not seem like something to be bothered about. On the other hand, ants, who generally come in huge numbers, could infest your property.

Use the following tips to exterminate them accordingly.

1. Find The Source

Usually, ants do not just come out of nowhere if they are inside your home. Some source, whether internal or external, typically leads to their presence. Before attempting to exterminate the little critters, finding that source is in your best interest. Start by considering what factors may have led to their increased presence.

Sometimes, there may have been open traces of food in your kitchen, which caused their numbers to increase. Or, the weather conditions outside have forced their numbers to retreat into your home. Once you have found out where and why they have barged in, you can proceed with effective pest control measures.

2. Ant Spray

In many cases, ants are very easy to eliminate if they come in small numbers. Should this be how they are in your home, you only need to grab some ant spray. Similar to other forms of bug spray, these products kill all ants quickly and easily. Grab a canister of the product, shake it up, and proceed to where they are.

Then, spray at the ants from a couple of feet back. The result should be ants that are now exterminated as intended. You must clean and sanitize the surrounding area so the product does not stain the targeted area. If you are in the clear, you will not have to deal with those pesky critters anymore.

3. Silicon Dioxide

Other forms of ant extermination products take manual labour out of the equation. One has to do with diatomaceous Earth, otherwise known as silicon dioxide. This is a form of silica that kills ants and other similar insects by absorbing the oils inside of their bodies.

Once this natural oil has been depleted, the organism will dry out and be eliminated. It is an easy way to get rid of a ton of ants in quick succession. All you need to do is place it in a location that is rife with the insect and allow it to work its magic for a day. Then, repeat the cleaning process as you employed with the ant spray solution.

4. Black Pepper

If you have extra pepper in your kitchen, you may be in for a lucky time. Black or red pepper is generally seen as an ant deterrent. This can be used to effectively prevent any other ants or critters from invading your premises.

Once used with another exterminator product, you can free your home from their presence in general.

5. White Vinegar

What may surprise many people is the effectiveness of white vinegar as an ant eliminator. This product is so multifaceted that it can be used for cooking or cleaning. However, in this specific situation, it can also kill ants in your home. Keep some liquid in an open bowl, and it will attract and kill ants automatically.

6. Boric Acid

Boric acid may be just what the doctor ordered if you require a more powerful substance. It is a type of acid that kills not just ants in the home but the queen ant within three weeks of exposure. Just keep it away from young kids, as it is hazardous.

7. Clean Kitchen

Another great preventative method to use with your extermination strategy is to clean your kitchen. Remember, ants are drawn to open food sources and will do their best to get access to them.

8. Professional Servicing

Your attempts to kill ants in your home may not pan out. Thus, you must contact a professional to get the job done right. A professional exterminator can assess your situation and eliminate all ants within the home sooner than you’d expect!

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