How to Properly Clean a Public Restroom

We all keep the washrooms in our homes clean, and it is fairly easy with only a few family members using them. It’s a very different story with a public restroom. These get used daily with a regular flow of people who don’t have to worry about tidying it up afterwards. They do, however, expect it to be clean before they use it.

If you are tasked with maintaining a public restroom, it is a big job that requires several visits per day to keep up with cleanliness and sanitation. How do you properly clean a public restroom? Here is a handy checklist to get the job done right.

1. Have a restroom cleaning schedule

To properly keep a public facility clean, you need to have a cleaning schedule that everyone follows. This includes procedures for frequent visits when a deep clean is done and restocking supplies.

Knowing high traffic times will allow you to book cleaning visits according to usage, as this is when more attention is required. Depending on how busy your restroom is, once-a-day cleaning may not be enough. Have a personal look every hour for a spot check. They can stick to a dedicated cleaning twice a day if it looks good.

Have a daily, weekly and monthly schedule with different levels of cleaning and maintenance. When you have a procedure easily followed, your facilities will be better maintained. Alternatively, you can also hire a commercial cleaning team. These cleaners will visit your public restroom regularly and ensure they are maintained properly.

2. Use proper cleaning equipment

This will make your job easier and help keep the restroom cleaner. When you clean the facilities, Use a sign to indicate cleaning in progress. You must also leave behind a slippery surface sign when mopping the floor.

Have your cleaning solutions in spray bottles with one for glass, one for regular cleaning and one for disinfecting. It is best to have disposable clothes, so there is no cross-contamination. Always start with handles and taps and then wash sinks and counters. Toilet clothes should always be thrown out after use. Properly clean out your mop after use and dump the dirty water in an approved drain.

3. Clean with PPE

You will be dealing with cleaning chemicals and bodily fluids, so you must be properly protected before you start cleaning. Understand all the products you are using and wear appropriate personal protective equipment like masks and gloves to keep you safe.

Exposure can cause health problems, so make sure your eyes, nose, mouth and skin are protected when necessary. When you are done cleaning, make sure to dispose of masks and gloves, so there is no spread of contamination.

4. Remove garbage and debris first

Before you get out the cleaners, you need to remove all garbage. You don’t want any obstacles while cleaning, so start with removing it all and sweeping up first.

5. Clean the restroom high to low

Wash high surfaces first because you don’t want dirty water and debris to fall onto a lower area you already cleaned. If you need to wash walls, start at the top and work your way down. Then you can hit counters, sinks and toilets next and finish up with floors.

6. Clean high-touch areas in the public restroom

When you clean your restroom during the day, wash high-touch surfaces even if it looks unused. This is where germs and bacteria are. Clean and disinfect all doors, toilets, and urinal handles first and then move to the sink area.

Start with the taps and soap dispenser with a new cloth and then wash the counters and sink basin. Toilet paper and paper towel dispensers get touched with dirty hands, so make sure not to forget them. Spot clean any dirty walls and clean the mirror with glass cleaner.

7. Morning cleaning

Every morning should start with an extensive cleaning of all surfaces and floors. This is the standard you want to keep up with throughout the day. Scrub and disinfect urinals, toilets, countertops, sinks and mirrors and check walls and light fixtures.

Make sure to restock soap, toilet paper and paper towels, and sanitary napkins and urinal pucks. Empty garbage cans and finish up with a pleasant smelling disinfectant spray. Ensure you do these following activities:

  • Remove stains from sinks and toilet bowls
  • Clear drains
  • Wash walls and stall partitions
  • Wash garbage cans inside and out
  • Scrub all grout
  • Shampoo any carpet areas
  • Wash floors with a scrub brush
  • Clean out vents

The last thing you want is people complaining about a filthy restroom, but feedback is good, especially if someone made a big mess that needs immediate attention. As long as you regularly maintain the facilities, there shouldn’t be an issue.

Cleaning a public restroom is not a glamorous job and not for the faint of heart. Use this checklist to properly clean your public restroom, so patrons are safe and looked after while they use the facilities.

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