How to Relieve Leg Pain from Sitting in Office Chair

Working a 9 to 5 job may be both mentally and physically taxing. Corporate jobs, in specific, may require you to be seated at a desk throughout most of the day.

Sitting at your desk in your office chair all day long could create pain within your body, including your legs. Your posture could cause your head and shoulders to bend forward, which creates a tightening within your muscles, leading to such pains. Sciatic pain, which travels along your nerves and down your legs, could be another cause for concern.

Even if your job does not entail much physical movement, there are still some ways to alleviate this pain. Here is how to relieve leg pain from sitting in a office chair:

1. Get up!

One way to reduce or avoid leg pains would be by getting up from your seat every 20 to 30 minutes. Since sitting down for a prolonged period tightens your muscles, this allows them to loosen up and relax. It also allows the blood to flow to your legs to avoid any tingling or from them falling asleep.

2. Walk around

Along with getting up every so often, try taking short walks if you have the time or during your breaks. Walking will further help relax your muscles and improve your body’s blood circulation. Better blood flow leads to less leg pain!

3. In-seat exercises

Exercising while sitting is yet another beneficial leg pain-reducer. While you should also be getting up every so often and moving around, time constraints may make this a little difficult. Hence, lessening the pain while continuing to do your job avoids your loss of valuable work time.

One exercise proven to work is performed by simply marching in your chair. Lift your legs one at a time in a marching position while holding your back to the back of the chair. Repeat this 5 to 10 times daily to prevent your muscles from tightening up.

Another exercise comprises kicking your legs out, one at a time. Extend your legs outward, and pull them back in without letting them touch the ground. Repeating this exercise should leave you with the same results as the above.

You may look a little funny performing these activities, but it will be worth it once the pain fades away! Complement these exercises with physiotherapy North York treatments to achieve the best outcome.

4. Correct your posture

A large reason for leg pains is caused due to an incorrect sitting posture. The way you sit at your desk could be harmful to your body. While slouching seems easier and more comfortable, this negatively impacts your body in the long run.

It is important to keep your entire body as pain-free as possible due to the interconnection of the nervous system — putting pressure on your spinal cord’s nerves may lead to pain reaching from your neck to your arms to your legs.

Adjustable chairs make it easier to modify your seating position to maximize comfort and a healthy posture. Make sure to raise your seat as high as possible while keeping your feet grounded flat on the surface and your back pressed against the backrest.

If you are working on a screen, keep it at eye level, so your neck is not tilted at an awkward angle. With this posture, your body is no longer contorted into an uncomfortable position.

5. Seat cushion

A lot of the time, the pain in your legs may be the cause of the brick-like chair you have to sit on. If the cushioning is too solid, or if there is none, this leads to high pressure on your nerves. The harder the seat, the higher the pressure, and the more pain runs through your body.

This is avoidable, too, though! Consider purchasing a seat cushion, and specifically one made to reduce body pains.

Seat cushions, which are contoured properly, assist in the distribution of your body weight, which lessens the tension in your muscles. It also benefits your circulation by heightening your level of blood flow. Along with diminishing the sciatic pain, it corrects your posture and is simply more soft and comfortable to sit on.

6. Out-of-office movement

If time permits, try exercising and moving around when you are out of the office. Lifting weights, plank exercises, and regular exercise promote muscular balance and strength. This will lead to the eventual dissipation of your leg pains.

Keeping up with all these suggestions will profit your painful legs by making them feel more at ease. Getting rid of the pain and distress gives you increased focus in the workplace, permitting you to perform your job comfortably and at ease!

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