A Guide to Buying Kitchen Equipment

Starting a business in the hospitality industry may prove to be expensive especially when buying kitchen equipment. Unlike domestic appliances, commercial ones come in bigger sizes and prizes to serve a large number of people. Sometimes the brand new equipment may not be the best alternative when you can get used kitchen equipment at a lower price and in good condition. Many certified second-hand dealers in Canada offer their services both online and in their physical stores.

Buying Kitchen Equipment

Some of the used commercial kitchen equipment that you may consider buying includes ovens, gas ranges, freezers, fryers, tableware, and bakery equipment. You should use experts help to examine the general condition and functionality of an item before taking it from the dealership. Other key factors that you should watch out for include missing or broken parts, chipped colors, and rusty metals. You may have challenges returning an item you had purchased earlier hence the need to conduct a thorough inspection.

Advantages of Second-hand Equipment

Used commercial kitchen equipment may have been in service for one year or two. Therefore, they are supposedly in good condition. Second-hand equipment are cheaper than new ones making them a better alternative. The certified second-hand dealers are open to price negotiations, and you can save a few dollars if your bargaining power is on point. Remember to ask a freebie, which is a usually smaller item after a purchase of more than one kitchen equipment. However, everything has its shortcomings. A used kitchen equipment doesn’t have a warranty, which means you are at a loss if the machine develops some faults.

Factors to Consider Before Buying

Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment requires extra attention to detail. Some of the things that you should consider while buying one include:

1. Durability– go for a machine that will serve you for a long time without developing mechanical problems. You are at an advantage in case you are buying from a friend since they will give you an exact period that they have used the machine. Check on the strength, quality, and the material used in the manufacture.

2. Cost- sometimes the price difference between the old and the second-hand equipment is almost the same. The maintenance cost of a used machine may also be high especially if it has had repairs before.

3. Performance- a light duty appliance will never withstand heavy use. Therefore, you should only consider heavy-duty kitchen equipment for commercial purposes. Remember to ask about the energy that it uses (gas or electricity) before purchasing the appliances.

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